Here we are, together, for this auspicious occasion in Madhubani.

Madhubani, which was once graced by the visit of Gandhiji, a model of active non-violence.

Madhubani, not very far from the places where Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavir were born and spread their message.

I am happy, thankful and honoured to be here.

Today we inaugurate the Multipurpose Hall of our Park for Study and Reflection named Narhi.

Somebody may tell that our Park does not have a very big plot. Somebody may tell that our Park does not have luxurious constructions.

But we tell them that our Park has the most important thing; and that is, good human beings who are building this Park, and who are making it lively and busy.

There may be places in the world where buildings are big and luxurious. But very often, the light of life is not there in the hearts of those who use those buildings.

On the contrary, here the light of life illuminates the hearts of our friends at Narhi Park.

And with that light of life, they will spread Silo’s Message from here.

This Multipurpose Hall is, and will be, a suitable venue where to meet good people.

Good people who work to do good deeds.

And these deeds are good for others because, every time we do good deeds for others, we become better human beings.

And better human beings make a better world.

Every other thing depends on that, on “giving”. And without that, every other thing becomes meaningless.

On the other hand, no Park is isolated, and no Park should remain isolated from others in these difficult times.

Therefore, it is my strong wish and my certainty that this Park will always remain an active member of the growing network of all the Parks of Study and Reflection in India and throughout the world.

May this Park keep on growing in terms of people and activities.

May our people be happy, and may their activities be meaningful.

And may you all have plenty of Peace, Force, and Joy!

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